Construction of Musical Instruments for Introducing Musical Idioms I

Every region and era is characterized by specific musical stylistic idioms and styles. The nature of available musical instruments is one determinant of such differences. The course uses the construction of certain musical instruments as a starting point for exploring various musical idioms and styles. It consists of seminars acquainting students with musical culture, but also workshops of constructing musical instruments.


Objectives course - learning outcomes and competences - learning objectives To indulge in the relationship of musical instruments and musical style or idioms and develop their manufacturing skills in relation to musical instruments as cultural traditions products. To utilize this knowledge in the context of music education. What the learner is expected to know, understand and can do after successful completion of the course To be able to manufacture and repair frame drums percussion and understand - sound recognize various membranophone musical instruments. To use instruments that they have built in Music Education lessons.


Participants should have successfully completed the prerequisite "602 improvised musical instruments construction" through which have developed basic skills in simple tools and basic knowledge in recyclables material. It is also recommended to wear clothing suitable for movement and manual work, closed shoes and hair tied back with a ribbon or a bun.


The role of musical instruments in shaping musical idioms. The types of percussion musical instruments. The frame drums percussion and key genres in which we meet. Materials and tools for the construction of Bendir, course evaluation data - organ. Cutting, gluing the frame. Gluing wreaths - complete kothrou. Rubbing, stucco, decorative elements. Painting, installation paper tape. Skin moisture and skin, the skin fitting. Finishing, final check. Basic playing techniques. Hearings - Play pedagogical use of a musical instrument.






Instructors: Nikolas Tsaftaridis
Department: Faculty of Early Childhooh Education
Institution: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Subject: Pedagogy
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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