Outdoor Activities - Alpine Skiing II

The course has a mission to introduce the student in specific outdoor activities and specifically to most important for a possible future professional employment. Dowhill Skiing in winter raised as a perspective, followed by involvement in summer children camps. Activities such as hiking, mountain biking and orienteering could take place throughout the year. Finally climbing as an activity that dominates the issue of security concerns tracks on artificial walls or on rocky path but always 'top rope'. These activities in a simple version/program can be implemented by the graduate students, but with the following conditions: a) full responsibility for security matters, b) maintenance of proper education, c) duration preoccupation attendant with programs, d) acquisition experience, e) caring for the natural environment and e) excellent knowledge of the operation area and well information about the weather conditions


At the end of the module the student must be able to: Know the concepts of leisure, recreation, entertainment, active tourism, outdoor activities and also to distinguish the differences. Understand the needs, desires and motivations of participants in outdoor activities Know theoretically and practically to be the leader in a number of outdoor activities, giving high importance to the safe environment Strive to convey participants and to organize outdoor activities in a way that defends environmental protection Plan, organize, implement and evaluate outdoor activities programs and services. Be able to connect the theoretical knowledge received from the curriculum subjects of: the Physiology, Psychology, Pedagogy and Management with the safest and most effective preparation of outdoor recreation programs.


Successful examination of modules: a) Outdoor Activities - Summer Campus and b) Downhill Skiing


The course relates to the introduction in the field of outdoor recreation and especially Outdoor Activities. Mentioned theoretical approaches to the subject of outdoor recreation, relations with the relevant areas of Leisure and Active Tourism and human theories that explain outdoor participation. Attempts a detailed reference at five outdoor activities and a special report in downhill Skiing downhill according effective leadership.






Instructors: Charilaos Kouthouris
Department: Department of physical education and sport science
Institution: University of Thessaly
Subject: Other Independent Departments
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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