Management and Simulation of Water Supply Systems

The course deals with the management and simulation methods of water supply systems. It includes the analysis of the water distribution networks and the evaluation and assessment methods of their operating level. In detail the course deals with the analysis of the Water Balance, the Performance Indicators, the Non-Revenue Water and the methods and techniques for its confrontation. The water audit tools are presented as well as the tools for the distribution network hydraulic simulation. The integrated decision support systems are also presented. The course includes the analysis of the economic level of leakage and its calculation methodology. Finally, it includes a proposed socially fair cost allocation of the water balance components to the water distribution network users.


The course's aim is the understanding of urban water distribution networks management and their performance evaluation. The aims of the course include: the Water Balance analysis; the understanding and use of Performance Indicators; the understanding of the causes of water losses in water distribution networks; the suggestion of methods, techniques and measures to confront water losses; and the use of water audit tools to evaluate the performance level of the water distribution networks.


No prerequisites.


The course's contents include: Introduction to Water Supply and Distribution Networks Management and its connection to the Water Resources Management Performance Evaluation of the Water Distribution Networks Water Audit Tools for the performance evaluation of the Water Distribution Networks - Decision Support Systems Estimation of the Non-Revenue Water level and methods and techniques toward its reduction Integrated methodology of Water Distribution Networks Management Economic issues dealing with Water Losses and the Water Distribution Networks Management






Instructors: Vasilis Kanakoudis
Department: Civil Engineering Department
Institution: University of Thessaly
Subject: Civil Engineering
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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