Introduction to Marketing

This specific course provides the students an introduction to the utilization and application of the marketing concept on an entrepreneurial level. The lectures have been structured in a way that makes the students familiar with the fundamental marketing concepts and tools such as: marketing management, marketing strategy, market segmentation, pricing, promotion, sales, product life cycle, consumer behavior, market & marketing research and marketing plan. The marketing elements examined at this course are synthesized and implemented in the context of a broader marketing programming. One of the most important goals of this lecture is, understanding the crucial role that marketing plays in the prosperity and growth of a company. It will also be given emphasis on the practical application of marketing, by creatively combining theory and practice.


Upon successful completion of this module the learner will be able to: • Understand the particularities of marketing management. • Identify markets and customers, both existing and potential ones. • Use the tools of the marketing mix in a meaningful way, aiming to offer superior value to customers. • Recognize the importance of customer loyalty and know the different ways of meeting the customers’ needs.


There are no prerequisite courses required for this course.


The course is organized around topics such as: 1. Concept and philosophy of Marketing (Definitions, Concepts and Marketing orientation, Ethics) 2. The Marketing Environment 3. The external environment (political, social, economic, technological, legal, cultural), Competition 4. Consumer Behavior (Consumer and Organizational) Role of psychology (symbolism, ego, subconscious), and sociology (reference groups, social class) 5. Market segmentation-targeting-positioning Segmentation criteria, positioning choice 6. Marketing mix • Product • Price • Distribution • Promotion






Instructors: George Panigyrakis
Department: Department of Business Administration
Institution: Athens University of Economics and Business
Subject: Economics and Business Administration
Rights: CC - Attribution

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