International Marketing

Everyday, millions of people around the world use products and services from different countries. In the context of a globalized economy in which a rapid increase in international trades has been observed during the past decade, international marketing became one of the most important research fields. An international executive has to know the parameters and variables of the country where his business is operating, as a key factor in ensuring the viability of a modern enterprise. Therefore, the main objective of this course is to present and analyze current practices concerning the design, the development, the implementation and the evaluation of an international marketing plan.


The goal of this course is to help students understand: • The broader international economic, social, political and social environment in which businesses operate. • The opportunities that arise within international market. • The design, implementation and monitoring of the international marketing plan. • The entry strategies in the international market. • The marketing mix concerning the international context (product, distribution, promotion and pricing).


Marketing I (Principles of Marketing)


Introduction to International Marketing. Introduction to International Marketing. Globalisation. The Marketing and International Marketing. International Marketing Strategies. Strategies and Internationalization Stages. The international marketing environment. The cultural environment. The political and economic environment. International Marketing. Cast and new trends. International Economic Environment. The global economic system. The macroeconomic environment. Global environment and important figures. The microeconomic environment. International Cultural Environment. The importance of the cultural environment for marketing. The elements of the cultural environment. The dimensions of the value system and cultural classification systems. Cultural values: Impact on consumer behavior and the International Business Administration. Basic cultural special features. International Political and Legal Environment. International political environment. International legal environment. International market research. Information management systems for the international market. Kinds of information. Market research and international market research. The stages of market research. Internet and ethics in international market research. Entering foreign markets - Development Strategies. Rating foreign markets. Select entry method, and exit from an international market. International product policy. Internationalization and branded products. The importance of the product during the export process. Strong brands. Stages of development of strong brands. Placing international names. Strategic products for international markets. International Services. International Services. Branches of international services. Internationalization of services. The international environment for firms. International Pricing Policy. The concept of price in international market. Marketing Strategy. Alternative strategies of international pricing policy. Alternative strategies of international pricing policy. Determinants of international pricing policy. The International Advertising. Process of International Communication. The International Promotion mixture. The International Advertising. International Public Relations. View and Sales. The promotional mix. International Public Relations. International Distribution. The international distribution in modern reality. Distribution policy Ms. modern national specificities. Stadiums and distribution network selection criteria. The distribution of goods from the country of production in the international market. The physical distribution. Conflict and control its international distribution network.






Instructors: George Panigyrakis
Department: Business Administration
Institution: Athens University of Economics and Business
Subject: Economics and Business Administration
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