Structure and Problems of Greek Economy

This course analyzes the structure and problems of the Greek economy via a set of topical lectures given by significant personalities in the Greek academic and business environment. The course details the achievements, as well as the deficiencies of the Greek economy in the past 50 years. Emphasis is given on the analysis of the institutions, on macro-economic series and on a comparative viewpoint.


The basic learning outcome of this course is to equip undergraduate students of economics with a basic understanding of how: to analyse a national economy as a case study;the Greek economy is structured and to aquire the ability to take a long term and comparative perspective in the stud of economic developments and financial crises.


Elementary knowledge of micro- and macro-economic theory.


Introduction The development of the global economy and economic cycles 1950-2013. The permanent structural features of the Greek economy in the long duration. Characteristics of the Greek economy from the persepctive of the crisis. Macroeconomic indicators of the Greek economy and economic development (1960 - 2009). What went wrong and how can we correct past mistakes? A proposal for the exodus from the crisis. The system of national accounts. Greek industry during the crisis. QUO VADIS Εuropean Union; Lessons from the Greek crisis . The transfer of western technology and entrepreneeurship culture into Greece Greeek Commerce. Resposes to the crisis. The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. Consequences for Greece. Greeks in global shipping. Greeece and the global economy . The agricultural sector of Greece in the context of the european and global economy Food Security and global welfare. Supply chains in the food industry. The state and productive entrepreneurship. State and Big business after the 1980s. A comment on Adair Turner. Τhe institutional gap. Synopsis.






Instructors: Ioanna-Sapfo Pepelasis
Department: Economics
Institution: Athens University of Economics and Business
Subject: Economics and Business Administration
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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