Methodology of Social Anthropology

The course discusses the theory and method of ethnographic research, focusing on (a) the historical development of anthropology and (b) the way in which the collection of ethnographic data is associated with both theoretical and methodological issues. The course refers to methodological and epistemological concepts and tools of anthropology and critically discusses issues such as: the politics and practices of fieldwork; the ethnographer as subject and object of observation; inter-subjectivity and reflexive anthropology; the faces of incorporation/integration during fieldwork and the processes of ‘immersion into otherness’. It also analyses issues of “anthropology at home”, “anthropology as text", as well as issues of ethnographic research in complex societies and urban populations. The course also discusses methodological and epistemological issues referring to the collection/construction of research ‘data’ through participant observation, and also by the use of biographical methods and interviews. An ethnographic approach to archival material and communication networks is also introduced. The course also considers the art and the technique of observation and participation and the comparison between the so-called ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ methods of study. It also introduces the method of content analysis with the use of computerised analytical packages and discusses the benefits of techniques such as the use of video, film and photographs in the presentation and analysis of fieldwork data. Important note: "This collection of articles and extracts from academic writings made for the purpose of educational support Course Spring semester 'Methodology of Social Anthropology" at the Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, in accordance with Articles 19 and 21 of Law. 2121/1993 on "Copyright, related rights and cultural issues. Reproduction of this is permissible only within this framework, each further reproduction thereof for a purpose other than the aforementioned prohibited is the sole responsibility of the person who owned and is a violation of copyright law. "


The main aim of the course is to learn and familiarize students with the basic concepts, tools and methods of approaching the methodology of Social Anthropology.


No prerequisites.


In the course are included an examination of the theory and methods of ethnographic research focusing a) on the historical development of ethnography and b)on the manner in which the collection of anthropological data is associated with the theory and methodology.






Instructors: Diana Riboli
Department: Department of Social Anthropology
Institution: Panteion University
Subject: Anthropology
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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