Introduction to Marketing

Part of the Introduction to Marketing course are a set of ​​presentations covering introductory knowledge in Marketing. Basic concepts, definitions and methodological approaches are being presented. The theoretical knowledge combined with the analysis of characteristics of case studies for understanding the approach of Marketing, but also the manner in which they may be associated with an engineer. The course covers the presentation of key activities Marketing, such as strategy analysis, market research, new product development. the importance of the brand, product placement in suitable segmented markets, the pricing, the use of traditional and new distribution channels, product promotion and evaluation of the results of Marketing.


The main objective of the course is to familiarize students and future engineers with issues of Marketing and the principles that govern it. Through this course, students will become familiar with Greek and English terminology of Marketing, and will be able to understand the different approach of the operational aspects of an engineer and a Marketeer. Further, basic daily activities of Marketing will be performed thoroughly and understood in a meaningful way. Familiarity with the visual of Marketing will allow future engineers can work more successfully with colleagues from the Marketing and Sales departments as they will be able to understand how they approach the operational aspects, while better understand the interconnections working with them.


Requirements for completion of the course does not exist.


The course covers the following topics: Introductory information Marketing Basic concepts and terminology Introduction to International Marketing Methodological framework development activities Marketing The product concept Market segmentation, targeting and positioning products The location Pricing products and services Promotions The Marketing Program Marketing Tools Marketing & amp; new Economy strategic Marketing






Instructors: Nicholas Panagiotou
Department: School of Mechanical Engineering
Institution: National Technical University of Athens
Subject: Other Sub-Discipline
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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