Agricultural Economics

The lectures are divided into two sections: 1st section: presents the theoretical framework for analysis of the agricultural sector and covers issues such as the position of agriculture in the economy in the context of economic growth, food demand, agricultural production, the formation of values and the structure of the agricultural markets. 2nd section: examines the main agricultural policy issues covering topics such as agrarian problem in industrialized societies, the role of the state and state policy, the institutional framework for the operation of the policy, alternative forms of state intervention, the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, the functioning of the international market of agricultural products.


• Deepening tools microeconomic theory to the analysis of policy options in the various sectors of the economy • The introduction in the economic analysis of the agricultural sector in both developed and developing economies • The analysis of the major agricultural policy issues in the European Union and the international market. • To provide the theoretical basis and practical capacity for understanding the intervention of the state and the impact of public policy • An understanding globally of the triptych "Population - food - natural resources and environment"


For a better understanding of the subject and high scores are useful for the student to have good knowledge of Micro-economic Analysis I and II to Public Economic International Trade.


Structure of the course - Theory • Week 1. Introductory Lecture • Week 2. The position of the agricultural sector in the economy and economic growth. • Week 3. Demand for food and agricultural products. • Week 4. Production and supply of agricultural products. • Week 5. Technology, technological change and impact on markets and distribution • Week 6. Structures markets and price formation. • Week 7. Purchases inputs. Structure of the course - Policy • Week 8. The agrarian problem in industrialized societies • Week 9. Options public policy and agricultural policy measures • Week 10. International trade in agricultural and food products and international agreements (GATT-WTO, Doha Round). • Week 11. Common Agricultural Policy of the EU • Week 12. Contemporary issues (environment, barriers to international trade, development cooperation, etc.)






Instructors: Christos Ladias
Department: Department of Economic and Regional Development
Institution: Panteion University
Subject: Other Sub-Discipline
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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