Video art- Audiovisual mediums I

Presentation and analysis of the basic principles and techniques of video production in all phases of creation: (Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production). Presentation of the camera functions, the kinds of shots their relationships and meanings, filming and audio issues etc. Introduction of the basic principles of digital editing and software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut). The course includes a series of presentations and lectures, where presented and analyzed the work of artists associated with the history and development of video art from the first works until present day. The course continues in the 5th semester with Video art- Audiovisual mediums II.


In the end of 50s, video art emerged, a new art form, which combined artistic movements of the time, theoretical ideas and technological advances. Working in this context, the courses designed to satisfy three main objectives: 1. To explore the expressive possibilities and special characteristics of video art as an art medium. During the semester offered lectures on topics were presented and analyzed the work of various video artists. 2. Analyze the technical characteristics of video -and generally the moving image-, exploring issues and techniques related with image processing, sound, video editing, etc. 3. Students use the medium as an art form in order to present their artistic proposals. The emphasis is on familiarity with the medium, the approach methodology, the creative process and the formatting personal expression and authentic artistic proposal by the students.


No specific requirements needed.







Instructors: Manos Katsaris
Department: Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Arts
Institution: University of Ioannina
Subject: Arts
Rights: cc

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