Mental Health Nursing

The objectives of the course is the evolution and the development of knowledge, skills and technical capabilities in order to provide high level of scientific care to adults with Mental Health problems. As this course is based on the philosophy of dialectical and active operation, the objective of the course, is the integration of theory with clinical practice which includes besides the cathedra teaching, moreover, the active participation of students in critical analysis, evaluation and planned action based on theory.


The course aims to guide students towards the study and understanding of the Mental Health, in order to distinguish and interpret the complex connections and processes of the mental health of the patient. Moreover, students will be able as future health professionals to plan and choose specific skills and processes for looking after patients with mental health problems based on the Social Psychiatry and biopsychosocial health model.


Prerequisite Courses: Introduction to Nursing. Schedule: Each course includes classroom teaching, individual reading, individual activities and the opportunity of preparing the homework and moreover the posibility of personal communication with the teacher with the opportunity of feedback.


Historical development of the Psychiatric Reform and the Social Psychiatry, Pathological and Normal Behavior. Mental Health and Mental Disease. Methods for classifying psychopathological symptoms and problems. Biological, social and cultural factors which influence the formation of psychopathological symptoms. Therapeutic Approaches of Mental Symptoms. Therapeutic Framework. Neuroses and Nursing Interventions: Anxiety and phobic situations, Hysteria, compulsive neurosis, traumatic neurosis. Introduction to clinical study of pathological personalities. Depression - Emotional symptoms. Physical Symptoms. Cognitive Symptoms. Behavioral Symptoms. Nursing Skills and Interventions. Reactive Depression - Symptoms and triggers. Nursing Skills and Interventions. Mourning. Puerperal Depression. Depression and Physical Disease. Depression and the Third Age. Nursing Skills and Interventions. Schizophrenic syndromes, chronic delusional syndromes, state of confusion. Nursing Skills and Interventions. Psychiatric manifestations of general pathology. Nursing Skills and Interventions. Alcoholism. Addiction. Nursing Skills and Interventions.






Instructors: Mairi Gouva
Department: Nursing
Institution: TEI of Epirus
Subject: Psychology
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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