Drainage (Laboratory)

The aim of the lesson is to present, to inform and to educate students on issues related to additional water removing in a specific area. This water could be over the soil surface or underground with the main purpose to make the area more suitable for use by humans. Also basic aim is the economotechnical investigation in different techniques used in rendering process of drainage and the effect of different parameters involved in the study of a drainage network.


Upon successful completion of this lesson the student : • has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of issues relating to soil drainage networks, design, organization and construction method. • is able to use the knowledge and understanding in a way that shows professional approach to work, to have skills proved by developing and supporting arguments and solve implementation problems of soil drainage. • is able to notify ideas and solutions to problems related to crop irrigation at both specialist and non-specialist audience. • has developed those skills to learn in order to continue his/her study in high level in a particular subject.


There are no prerequisites


Exercise 1st : Soil physical properties Exercise 2nd : Water movement in Soil (I) Exercise 3rd : Water movement in Soil (II) Exercise 4th : Water movement in Soil (III) Exercise 5th : Measurement of hydraulic conductivity in the field Exercise 6th : Steady drainage in homogeneous soils, Hooghoutdt method Exercise 7th : Steady drainage in homogeneous soils, Kirkham and Terzidi method Exercise 8th : Steady drainage in laminate soils, Kirkham and Terzidi method Exercise 9th : Soil steady drainage by Ernst method. Exercise 10th : Soil unsteady drainage, Boussinesq equation. Exercise 11th : Soils unsteady drainage (Ι. Land Reclamation Agency method, USA. ΙI. Simplified Glover - Dumm - Van Beers method. ΙΙI. Approach method with third linearization and ΙV. Approach method with second linearization of Terzidi) Exercise 12th : Ditches cross-section calculations Exercise 13th : General repetition






Instructors: Menelaos Theoxaris, Dimitrios Kateris
Department: Agricultural Technology
Institution: TEI of Epirus
Subject: Other Agricultural Sciences
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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