Natural and Environmental Risks

This course addresses the physical and environmental risks that affect agriculture.


Upon successful completion of this course the student / her will: • Have proven knowledge and understanding of issues related the natural and environmental risks that affect agriculture. • Be able to use knowledge and understanding acquired in a manner that indicates a professional approach to work or profession and possess skills typically demonstrated by developing and supporting arguments for dealing with natural and environmental risks that affect agriculture • Be able to communicate ideas problems and solutions concerning the natural and environmental risks that affect agriculture at both skilled and non-specialized audience. • Developed those skills, who need to continue to further studies with a high degree of specialization in a particular subject.


No need for prerequisite knowledge


First chapter is an introduction regarding natural and environmental hazards, and the consequences of their appearance. Particular emphasis is given to phenomena of hail, frost, flood, drought, desertification and fires. The second chapter analyzes the phenomenon of hail, the stages on it evolution and ways of addressing the phenomenon. In third chapter the characteristics of frost, the assessment methods and the methods of protection are described. In the fourth chapter the hydrological cycle water, the methods of calculation of flood runoff and their impact on the natural and manmade environment are analyzed. The next chapter the phenomenon of drought, the species and the reasons of its appearance are analyzed, Special emphasis is given to the European MEDROPLAN instructions. In sixth chapter the phenomenon of desertification, occurrence and causes of desertification processes related to the Greek area are analyzed. Finally, in the seventh chapter describes the phenomenon of fires, the forecasting systems and emergency procedures.






Instructors: Menelaos Theocharis
Department: Agricultural Technology
Institution: TEI of Epirus
Subject: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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