Foundation Engineering

We describe the study and analysis of different types of foundations and retaining (superficial and deep foundations of unreinforced and reinforced concrete) and make a detailed description of the process design, construction and arming their configuration. The aim of teaching is the understanding of theoretical principles in Foundations and Retaining issues and the possibility of computing Troubleshoot Basic Foundations in classical applications.


Upon successful completion of this course the student / her will be able to: • Identify, understand and can evaluations basic physical and mechanical soil parameters and construction related to the study and analysis of foundations and retaining. • To distinguish and understand the different foundation cases, such as the type and behavior of retaining elements. • To study a single surface foundation by examining in detail the controls in carrying capacity, subsidence, tipping, sliding, lift, bending, shearing, punching. Be able to calculate the required reinforcement. • Assess the growing intensity and dimensioning connecting beams. • To calculate the carrying capacity and sedimentation pile. • To calculate the earth pressures retaining wall and choose the dimensioning. • To compose solutions based on theories taught by evaluating the requirements of the problem it faces, it can support the solutions proposed and compare by selecting the most appropriate among different approaches.




The course aims to use the basic principles of soil mechanics in applications related to the calculation and dimensioning Foundations. They developed a series of methodologies and approaches to the calculation and dimensioning of surface foundations, deep foundations (piles) and retaining (reinforced concrete walls). The development of individual subjects always with reference to existing regulations governing the design of specific projects.






Instructors: Emmanouil Kirtas
Department: Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Geomatics
Institution: TEI of Central Macedonia
Subject: Civil Engineering
Rights: CC - Attribution-ShareAlike

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