Approaches to Local Educational History: Schools and Teachers in Thessaloniki

Seminar’s aim for the participants is to acquaint the Local History both in a theoretical and practical level. The seminar has five basic sections: A’ Section: Local History- Historical Overview: a) Main subject of this field is the rising of the scientific interest and development. b) Local History as science: Problems of acceptance, epistemological problems-approaches. c) The need and the expediency of the study of the Local History. d) The research of the Local History in other countries. e) The Primary Education and the Local History in Greece. f) The Secondary Education and the Local History in Greece. g) The research of the Local History in Greek University. h) The Local History today: Definition- subject (locus and people). B’ Section: Teaching Local History. C’ Section: Issues of the Local Educational History: a) The Local History in education. b) The history of Thessaloniki’s schools: Methodology and research data, sources’ commentary. D’ Section: Presentation of students’ reports - Visits to local authorities: The interest will be concentrated to cases of the Local History of Thessaloniki. During the seminar the students will visit local authorities of Thessaloniki that keep historical and educational sources (Historical Archive of Macedonia, Center of History of Thessaloniki, Society of Macedonian Studies, Library of Municipality of Thessaloniki, Historical Records of Greek Refugees, and Institute of Balkan Studies). E’ Section: Teamwork or individual work. Research in micro scale (project). Design on paper a lesson, utilizing their knowledge concerning the Local History.









Instructors: Vassillis Foukas
Department: Philosophy and Education
Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Subject: Pedagogy
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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