Environmental Geology

Technical geological information is required for all geo-environmental site investigations, ranging from designing foundations to assessing contaminated land. In the developed and developing world, large areas of derelict industrial land are now being remediated for other uses, and in such areas site investigation demands the integration of both geotechnical and geo-environmental skills. Additionally, environmental protection and sustainable development now underpins legislation in most countries. Typically, individual projects involve elements of geotechnics, ground contamination and environmental assessment. Environmental Geology is focused on providing students with skills appropriate to a career with geo-engineering and geo-environmental consultancies, with regulatory authorities and government.


Students will be equipped to: Describe and explain the core scientific principles and concepts of soil and rock mechanics, water flow, and pollution of soil, water and air. Identify the standards, regulations, policies and legal frameworks required for the practice of applied environmental geology Design and execute geotechnical, hydrogeological and geo-environmental site investigations, analyze the data and develop solutions for geo-environmental problems. Communicate effectively (written and orally) in multi-disciplinary teams, act ethically and in conformity with health and safety regulations, and assess the sustainability of policies and projects.


There are no prerequisites


1. Fossil and the circle of rocks 2. The measurement of geologic time 3. Disintegration and gravitational movements 4. The water in the earth's surface below it 5. Glaciers and winds 6. Tectonic Structures 7. Geologic maps 8. Earthquakes 9. lithospheric plates (Active movement, Movement in the past, diverging and converging lithospheric plates) 10. lithospheric plates in Greece (Divergence, Convergence, The Greek bow)






Instructors: Ierotheos Zacharias
Department: Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management
Institution: University of Patras
Subject: Earth and Related Environmental Sciences
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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