Advanced Transportation Systems

The course "Advanced Transportation Systems" deals with the advanced transportation systems which are a useful tool for managing transport and information technologies in public transportation systems. The purpose of these systems is to increase the efficiency of their activities and improve transport safety.


The main objective of this course is the introduction to the Advanced Transportation Systems and the understanding of the components and their functionalities. An important part of the course is the detailed presentation and interpretation of Causality Diagrams focusing on Dynamic Transportation Systems. Moreover, students will learn about the Automatic Control Systems. The aim is to understand the concept of Automatic Control Systems, their basic structure and their various kinds. They will also look into possible types of control, errors in permanent mode (SS) and ways of stimulation of such systems. In order to describe a system, critical point is the selection of the appropriate mathematical model. For this reason, the last section of the course refers to Time Series Analysis in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Model identification. They will also examine various Statistical Time Series Models that are useful for determining the behavior and the mathematical expression of a sophisticated transport system.


In order the students to be able to attend the lectures, there are no prerequisites courses.


The course includes: Lectures in the classroom. Examples and exercises. Team semester project. Student's test of progress.






Instructors: Yorgos Stephanedes
Department: Department of Civil Engineering
Institution: University of Patras
Subject: Civil Engineering
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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