Autocracy and democracy in schools and in classrooms

The course main task is the understanding of different approaches in education - traditional, progressive, and radical - in relation to freedom and autocracy in schools and the classroom. This is trying to achieve with the correlation between theoretical concepts and their practical consequences for teaching, in order the student to acquire the ability to handle issues of everyday educational reality.


Α. Knowledge: By the end of the course students are expected to: • Know the basic concepts and theories related to classroom management and particularly the issue of 'school discipline'. • Understand the different pedagogical approaches (traditional, progressive and radical) and the role of democracy / autocracy play in each of these. • Understand and analyze teaching practices (particularly in relation to issues of discipline) resulting from the traditional, progressive and radical pedagogy. • Be able to justify their choices concerning controversial educational issues of classroom management. • Be able to relate theoretical concepts with its practical implications and "outcomes". Β. Skills, abilities: • To critically study a series of articles and books of the specific scientific area. • To be able to base their views and approaches in reliable scientific knowledge. • To be able to identify the pedagogical assumptions that support each teaching 'style', as well as its moral preconditions. • To adopt teaching practices that allow all students to acquire the quality of education they deserve. Be able to turn their theoretical tools into everyday school practices.


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• Traditional education and School Practices. • Progressive education and School Practices Radical Pedagogy and School Practices. • Moral Education and Educational Programs for the shaping of students' character. • The students' behavior problems and their causes. • Security and "order" in the school unit Prevention and handling of school violence. • The organization of the classroom. • Rules and procedures in the classroom. • Rewards and Penalties. • Teaching styles for the handling of behavior problems in the classroom. • The classroom's "management" theories. Theories and modes of maintaining discipline in the classroom.






Instructors: Dimitris Zachos
Department: Primary Education
Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Subject: Educational Sciences
Rights: CC - Attribution-ShareAlike

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