City Planning Design 2

The Urban planning is the main way of urban policy appliance and it constitutes the basic tool for the regulation of urban and suburban space in the level of small settlements, cities or metropolitan areas. The aim of the course is the investigation by the students of the total planning of a city and its surrounding region, in such way that its plan is according to the terms of the physical and cultural environments protection and the principles of urban science.


The course tries to approach the theoretical, technical and methodological problems faced in the planning process and the application of new theories in spatial planning. The course focuses on the issues of urban interventions in areas with strong cultural identity. It examines the parameters and issues arising in the revival of historic city centers exploring issues of integration , protection and management in the context of urban sustainable development.




The course is structured by two parts: 1) The theoretical part which includes a) The analysis of existing urban plans b) The investigation of the Greek small settlements characteristics. c) The planning practices for land uses and circulation d) The environmental principles in big scale planning e) Examples of applied planning from the national experience. 2) The project In the frame of "Urban Planning II" course the students are examining not only a settlement’s urban area but also its surrounding area. Each of the examined settlement has 1.500-2.000 residents and it is allocated in the Chania regional unit. With the admission that the settlement’s population will be have a 50% increase in the following five-year period, the students are have to: a) Analyze and record the urban, population, geomorphologic etc characteristics of the settlement they have chosen to investigate, b) Plan the new needed infrastructures and improve the existing ones, in order to cover the needs of these settlements residents. They also have to plan the settlements extension areas, the surrounding area, the productive zones, the relation of the examined settlement with the others that are related to it and the protected areas.






Department: School of Architectural Engineering
Institution: Technical University of Crete
Subject: Other Engineering and Technologies

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