Tourist Legislation

This course entitled “Tourist Legislation” deals with matters concerning tourism and more specific types of hotels and rooms to let. Deals with the repletion of touristic accommodation and the ways to solve it and discuss matters concerning tourist offices. At the end it focuses in the relations between customers and hotel managers and put into categories the special tourist infrastructure installations.


The aim of the course entitled is the development of functional forms and types of tourist accommodation, tourist be a living room facilities and tourist facilities in special tourist infrastructure in these particular forms of facilities, the "law of tourist facilities" provides detail of the establishment and operation, and regulates the relations between the owners and operators of these facilities to the state and to their customers. The student after completion of the course is very important to learn to stand the categories of tourist accommodation, tourist facilities and be a living room of tourist special tourist infrastructure. Recommended verbal description that includes the following: • Objectives course - learning outcomes and competences - learning objectives • What the learner is expected to know, understand and can do after successful completion of the course


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1) Introduction to tourist facilities - discrimination 2) Tourist accommodation - discrimination 3) The classification of the main hotel accommodation (hotel) by star system 4) Non-main hotel accommodations 5) The new system classification of rented furnished rooms and apartments in key categories -the saturation as an impediment creation of new tourist accommodations and changes in provisions saturation 6) The terms of building tourist facilities -Installation special tourism infrastructure 7) Centers resort aliens - nudist resort centers -chronomeristiki lease 8) Establishment and licensing of tourist facilities - tourism supply and real estate 9) The strengthening of tourist facilities through the development law or other programs aid -scheseis operators of tourism facilities and hoteliers -Guest consumer -scheseis 10) Prices s tourist facilities tourist offices and tourist related business in the current legislation 11) The tourist offices tourist road transport undertakings -the package






Instructors: Ioanna Tsirika
Department: Department of Business Administration (Grevena)
Institution: TEI of Western Macedonia
Subject: Law
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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