Quality Control

The course focuses on the tools and techniques of Statistical Quality Control and its main objective is to show how statistical methods are used in this area. This course examines the two main branches of Statistical Quality Control, i.e., sampling plans (Acceptance Sampling) and control charts (Statistical Process Control).


Μαθησιακοί στόχοι μαθήματος (Αγγλικά): The main objectives of the course is to examine the principles of statistical quality control, understand the statistical tools and techniques applied in this area, and practice these tools in controlling and improving quality. Based on the previous, the learning objectives include the following: 1. Understand the main branches of statistical quality control in order to select the most appropriate approach in quality control and improvement problems. 2. Understand the main concepts of quality and cost in controlling a production process. 3. Implement statistical tools and techniques in controlling a production process. 4. Apply statistical quality control standards that refer to acceptance sampling. 5. Develop alternative approaches in order to measure and reduce variability in production processes.


Probabilities and Statistics


1. Introduction to quality and quality improvement methods 2. Basic concepts and tools in quality control 3. Main branches of statistical quality control 4. Basic concepts in statistics (statistical estimations, important distributions, approximations for distributions) 5. Lot-by-lot acceptance sampling 6. Single, double, and multiple sampling plans 7. Sequential sampling plans 8. Special techniques in acceptance sampling (MIL STD 414, chain and continuous sampling) 9. Main principles of statistical process control 10. Control charts for attributes 11. Control charts for variables 12. Special topics in statistical quality control






Instructors: Evangelos Grigoroudis
Department: School of Production Engineering and Management
Institution: Technical University of Crete
Subject: Engineering Economics and Management

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