Organizational Behavior

The Organizational Behavior is multidimensional and dynamic evolving concept. The business size, the complexity of the problems, the complexity of human relations create new requirements, which are pushing for the investigation of the behavior of knowledge in the field of organizations. There is a need to solve more complex problems in modern business organization with systematized ideas and knowledge that can solve the various issues they face. Organizational behavior is the most important piece for a modern company and organization as well as sets the guidelines and objectives to which it will move. In this course, students come into contact with the concept of organizational behavior and its importance for a business - organization. Our interest will be focused on organizing the business process but also in prestige ways used by the company. Finally we mention in modern organizational behavior issues such as motivation, with the help of examples and case studies (case studies).


After completing the course the student is able to:  Understands the meaning and importance of Organizational Behavior  Can empirically with the knowledge and capabilities to find the best solutions to the various issues that appear.  developments essential skills to deal effectively with the known and unknown aspects of human relationships and behavior in the organization.  Respect the needs and wishes of the person beginning with his inner world and influence the thoughts and behavior of the organization. - Creates a positive attitude to employees in dealing with the environment of the organization. - Understands the causes of an event or behavior of someone within the organization. -Checks the validity of the information and to confirm its conclusions. - recalls that organizations are social systems and relationships between individuals and groups create a kind of expectation about the behavior expected of people.


Not required.


Organizational behavior, Administrative duties, personality, conflicts, labor ethics, values, teams, socialization, communication, decisions, organizational design.






Instructors: Panagiotis Serdaris
Department: Department of Business Administration ( Kozani )
Institution: TEI of Western Macedonia
Subject: Sociology
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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