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Introduction to the structure of materials (Bohr’s theory, Energy levels, free electron model, Energy band theory). Conductive materials, electrical properties and their dependence on temperature, alloys, selection criteria for conductive materials. Semiconductors and devices, electronic structure of semiconductors, semiconductor conductivity, semiconductor devices and applications. Superconductivity effect Superconductive materials, properties and applications of superconductors. Dielectric materials at constant and alternative electric fields, categories of dielectrics, new trends.


The target of the course aims to provide knowledge to students on: A. The basic properties of materials and theories that may explain very well (Bohr model, Energy band theory) and the classification of materials based on chemical bonds and their correlation with electrical properties that they present. B. Introducing students to the concepts of the electrical behavior of the materials, the resistance-conductivity, resistivity (specific electrical conductivity) - resistance (conductivity), and to understand the temperature dependence of the conductivity of the metallic material, alloys as well as the metal selection criteria depending on the applications. C. Semiconductor technology, their electrical and optical properties of the categories are displayed according to their type of conductivity (intrinsic - extrinsic, extrinsic p-type or n), the technological importance and limitations their use, as well as the properties and applications of optoelectronic materials. D. Superconductivity effect, which materials display the phenomenon, the restrictions on use of and the possibilities opened up with increasing temperature at which it could be observed. E. The insulating (dielectric) materials, the behavior in static and alternating electric fields, their usage possibilities.



The syllabus is structured in 5 sections: I. Introduction to the structure of materials II. Conductive materials III. Semiconductors and devices IV. Dielectric materials V. Superconductive materials






Instructors: Lykourgos Magafas
Department: Electrical engineers
Institution: Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technologie
Subject: Other Engineering and Technologies
Rights: share-alike

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