Quality control of raw material

The course covers the necessary knowledge about quality control and the properties of wood and wood based panels.


With the completion of course, the student should be in position: • Know the significances of quality and their ways of guarantee . • Know the organisation and the suitable equipment of laboratory of Qualitative Control as well as the way of handling of bodies and appliances. • Know the application of specifications and the right development of experiments • Can judge with base the results of controls and the specifications for the appropriateness of materials for each use.


No prerequisites.


Significance of quality, - Systems of guarantee of quality, - Institutions of standardisation, - Qualitative control compact (masif) timber, - Qualitative classification of compact timber with base the natural characteristics and the structure, - General classification with base the quality of timber, - Determination of contained humidity. - Determination of inflation and swelling. - Resistance in sadness (compaction) in step with the fibres. - Resistance in bending. Annular connection of timber. - Qualitative control of adhesive substances and resistance of beams of welding of timber. - Classification of adhesive substances of timber for uses in not construction manufactures. - Methods of trials of adhesive substances of timber for not construction manufactures. - Determination of resistance of beams of welding - Determination of usage mass of adhesive substance, - Determination of time of coagulation. - Method of determination of ash of timber. - Method Friday of timber of exempted extracts. - Method of determination of solubility of timber in 1% solution NaOH. - Determination of contained quantity of formic aldehyde. - Particleboards and fibreboards. - Definition, classification, symbolism. - Particleboards invested with decorative plastic leaves.






Instructors: George Ntalos
Department: Wood Science and Furniture Technology Department
Institution: TEI of Thessaly
Subject: Other Sub-Discipline
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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