Information Technology

The course aims to understand the students the operation of the computer and become familiar with communication systems and computer systems to learn and the various principles and concepts of computer science. Also to understand the function and to acquire skills on the use and processing of data in Office automation software applications (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations) and basic Internet functions.


At the end of the semester, students should: • The basic operating principles of computer systems • Numerical systems • The architecture of computers • The peripherals and how they work • Operating systems • Networks and telecommunications • Multimedia • The Internet • Her basic principles of the information society • The use and capabilities of the operating system windows XP and / or windows 7 • The use of Microsoft Office Word tool • The use of Microsoft Office Excel tool • The use of Microsoft Office Power Point tool • The use of web browser by applying tools such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and / or Google Chrome • The capacity of the World web • E-Mail • general rules for proper use of the internet and the potential risks • In the personal data security rules


No prerequisites.


1. The history of computers 2. The computer Material: Main unit 3. Hardware Computer: Peripherals 4. How Computer operation 5. Software - Operating Systems 6. Memory 7. Representation of Data 8. Software 9. Software Applications 10. Computer Networks 11. . Viruses and means of protection 12. Internet 13. Computers in Everyday Life 14. IT Applications in Furniture & Wood Enterprises






Instructors: Dimitra Avramouli
Department: Wood and Furniture Design & Technology Department
Institution: TEI of Thessaly
Subject: Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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