Ruminant Animals nutrition

With the preparation of rations connects excellent theoretical knowledge with practical application. Students are trained in drafting a balanced rations and integrated nutrition programs.


The purpose of the course "Ruminant Animal Nutrition" is the knowledge of theoretical and practical view on behalf of the students of modern methods of various species (cattle-sheep and goats) and categories (dairy, broiler growth, fattening, reproduction) of ruminant animals that provide health, high productivity, well-being and longevity in animals, safe and quality products with minimal environmental impact.


Nutrient Physiology


General principles 1.1 Livestock. Ration: definitions and properties 1.2. Mycotoxins 1.3. Toxic substances and effectiveness of nutrition 1.4. Physiological bases of ruminant nutrition 2. Cattle feeding 2.1. Dairy cow feeding 1/2 2.2. Dairy cow diet 2/2 2.3. Food systems, TMR System, Feeding, replacement heifer beef cows and broiler bulls 2.4. Diseases of dairy cows 3. Feeding and Fattening Ruminants in developing Animals 3.1. Developing ruminants (calves and lambs, kids) and diet after weaning 3.2. Fattening cattle 4. Sheep and goat nutrition 4.1. Feeding sheep and goats 4.2. Feeding sheep 4.3. Feeding goats, sheep and animal arrenwn 4.4. Metabolic diseases in sheep and caprine 5. Organic Ruminant Breeding Animals 5.1. General principles of organic ktionotrofias 5.2. Quality organic milk-meat 6. Effect of diet on reproduction 6.1. Targeted nutrition for ruminant reproductive function 6.2. Embryikos programming and nutrient consumption 7. Nutrition and Quality livestock products 7.1. Introduction 7.2. Milk 4.5. Meat 1/2 7.4. Meat 2/2 8. Climate change and animal production 8.1 Introduction – Productive farming systems and fumes 8.2 Calculate emissions from livestock and carbon footprint (CF) 9. Animal husbandry and Welfare 9.1. Eyzwϊa: define, achieve and do this with the feeding of ruminants 9.2 well-being and quality ktinotrofikwnn products Have a Better Translation?






Instructors: Georgios Zervas, Heleni Tsiplakou
Department: Livestock Production Science & Aquaculture
Institution: Agricultural University Of Athens
Subject: Other Sub-Discipline
Rights: CC - Attribution-ShareAlike

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