The Microsociology of Everyday Life [open]

During the seminar a theoretical and empirical approach of the multiple ways in which sociological inquiry can intrude the practical everyday life will be explored. Thus, the focus will be upon the inter-subjective meaning and the ways in which social subjects “perform” and “do” the routines of everyday day life common activities (eating, sleeping, loving, socializing, etc). This historically and socially intermediated meaning will be grounded upon its historical and cultural roots as a privileged field of qualitative applied social research. The needs and requirements of “a right here and now” social reality seem to demand a stock of knowledge that is connected to the grammar and syntax of certain social lifeworlds. These are interrelated to institutional, structural and situational aspects of both practical knowledge and scientific research, as a political and active project of understanding and interpreting social truth.


At the end of the course, students are expected to: Demonstrate a basic ability to understand the nature and contents of qualitative research , both in methods and in terms of techniques. Implement some concrete qualitative methods and some specific technical tools in the study of specific field of social reality . Develop composition skills and interpretation in factual data resulting from the application of qualitative methodology in the practical study of everyday life. To draft a preliminary project work and research on a particular subject matter .


1. Qualitative Methods and Techniques of Social Sciences 2. Micro-Sociology - Theory and Research Approaches


During the seminar the micro - sociology of everyday life will be approached theoretical and empirical issues related to the penetration and practical use of sociological visual world of everyday practice .Therefore , emphasis will be given to the subjective meaning of social subjects attribute to the action and in ways that " carry " the routines of everyday life.This bi- subjective meaning which the social actors invest , and then objectify their deeds will be placed in historical context , ie istorikopoiithei . The daily lives of people seems to be a privileged empirical sociological work place. INDICATIVE SEMINAR PROJECTS: THE BEGINNING OF THE MODERN INTERPRETATIVE TRADITION TEXTS FOR COMMENTS STUDIES ON THE GREEK AREA






Instructors: Manos Savvakis
Department: Sociology
Institution: Aegean University
Subject: Sociology
Rights: CC - Attribution

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