Technological and Didactical Innovations: Virtual Reality

The course examines how advanced ICT applications are used in the educational process. Specifically, it deals with 3D graphics, multiuser virtual environments and with the educational uses of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is a technological development that significantly affects the ways we can enhance the learning process. The syllabus aims in the development of an in-depth understanding in the ways this can be achieved. The subject is approached both theoretically and practically. The major learning theories are analyzed, various types of software for the development of 3D applications is presented and examples of 3D educational applications are given. In the practical part, by using a relatively simple to use software, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences while developing simple Virtual Reality educational applications.


The course aims in giving students insight and perspective on the following topics: 1. Cutting-edge technologies and their capabilities in supporting the learning process. 2. Identifying hardware and software problems that must be solved when developing 3D applications (as opposed to the less demanding multimedia applications). 3. The categories and the wide range of 3D applications. 4. The software used for developing 3D applications. 5. The steps required for the development of a 3D application (from concept to implementation).


Basic knowledge of informatics and basic computer skills. The software that is going to be used require advanced computer hardware and especially graphic cards


The first lectures are theoretical. The theoretical and technical background that concerns the applications of virtual reality. With the completion of the theory the course bocomes practical and is presented and analysed the use of the platform Opensim






Instructors: Emmanuel Fokides
Department: School of Primary Education
Institution: Aegean University
Subject: Other Humanities
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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