Total Quality Management

Modern business need to adapt to new conditions and prospects at both international and national level. It is urgent to shape their priorities to address these conditions. A key component of business adaptation is to provide quality products or services capable to cope with the increased demands of the customers. It is now understood that due to the globalization we are going through, the basic philosophy of quality products or services should combine with the full use of all possible resources that the business has at its disposal - with a view to continuous improvement. To achieve the above objective it is necessary to create a quality design that is able to bring to the company the greatest possible effect. The provision of quality products or services must not in any circumstances be subject to random and opportunistic choices. The design and implementation is considered vital to the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the business. In recent years the term quality invades more and more in everyone's lives. Today - at least in organized societies - completeness appears in every category of offered goods and services. It is logical for business to put intense research to achieve the greatest possible share in the given market volume. The quality seems to hold a leading role in this direction. In order, however, the business to follow the way of quality you should understand what is quality, both for itself and for its customers.


Through the course, students will be able to acquire basic knowledge concerning information systems and technologies that support them. More specifically, the course aims to inform students about the recent developments and trends around the TQM. Students should understand the basic principles of TQM and the views and approaches that have been developed in the literature and business practice. Students should be able to describe the advantages for a company - organization of the implementation and development of TQM. Also, the course aims to define the steps of development of modern quality systems. Finally, students should learn to determine potential problems - difficulties during the development and implementation of TQM. The functions of TQM applications will be presented through practical examples.


Background Lesson


The course of Total Quality Management consists of the following modules: -Course Presentation -Quality -Introduction to TQM -Deming and Crosby Theories -Customer and Supplier -Customer satisfaction -Quality Management System & Standards






Instructors: Dimitrios Drosos
Department: Department of Business and Administration
Institution: TEI of Piraeus
Subject: Economics and Business Administration
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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