Automatic Control Systems I

The course describes and analyzes the following sections: Basic concepts of open and closed automatic control systems - Examples Mathematical systems performance at the time level. Mathematical models of physical systems, analog systems, analog systems simulation - Analog charts, mathematical representation systems in terms of frequency. Laplace Transformation, solving electrical circuits in the complex plane, block diagrams, transfer functions, flow diagrams, Mason function, inverse Laplace transform, method of remainders, Time response systems, Harmonic response systems - logarithmic Bode diagrams.


This is an introduction to the theory of automatic control systems and aims to analysis and study of open systems. Specifically, it focuses on points and concepts, such as: Understanding the basic theory automatic control systems, securing the necessary conditions, mathematically and physically, for the study of such systems, familiarity with the concepts of analog emulation of mathematical modeling and the dynamic behavior of systems, both in time and in terms of frequency.


Background Lesson


The course consists of the following sections: • Basic concepts - Block diagrams • Mathematical simulation (modeling) of natural systems at the level of time - Differential Equations • Analog systems – Analog of voltage and current - Analogue Charts • Mathematical simulation systems at the level of frequency - Laplace transform and applications in electrical systems • Solving electric circuits; using the methods of loops current and nodes voltage • Concept of the transfer function - Examples of application in natural systems • Blocks Algebra - Total transfer function • Inverse transformation Laplace - Application to system response: System 1st order • 2nd order system: Time response characteristics and sizes (natural factors) • Systems and frequency response - BODE logarithmic charts






Instructors: Dimitrios Dimogianopoulos
Department: Department of Automation Engineering
Institution: TEI of Piraeus
Subject: Other Engineering and Technologies
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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