Marketing Information Systems

This course introduces students to the multiply elements of digital marketing, Marketing Information Systems, Internet / mobile marketing, social media marketing. Emphasis is on tools and techniques appropriate for the management of marketing information needed to support marketing decision making in the digital era . The objective is to introduce students to a) the new ways ICT and Internet has changed the rules of marketing strategy, (b) current information systems and tools in the electronic/mobile marketing space, to teach students how (c) to design and facilitate a real world e/ mobile/ social media Marketing action /campaign, and (d) to measure digitas marketing actions performance.


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Conceptual framework of Ε–marketing. Marketing Information Systems (MAIS), Internet marketing, online/digital marketing, mobile marketing, e- vs. traditional marketing, e-mobile marketing applications. e- marketing orientation, MAIS typology. Overview of marketing information systems, users and sources of marketing information. Database Marketing and Customers/Partners Relationship Management (CRM/ PRM), knowledge-based marketing, applications of Geographic Information Systems in marketing (GIS), electronic identification and data collection systems (bar codes, EPOS, smart cards, etc.). Cloud computing & Social CRM. E-marketing plan, e-marketing mix and e-marketing strategy. The use of electronic technology /systems/ networks in marketing: as a channel for marketing research, as a medium for promotion and relationship building, as a distribution channel, and as a platform for connecting groups and offering network services. Online customers behavior, differentiation and positioning strategies. Online / Internet advertising, Social media marketing and networks. Website marketing management. Mobile marketing apps. Digital marketing performance metrics and analytics, SEO & SEM. Case Studies. Case Studies.






Instructors: Maro Vlaxopoulou
Department: Applied Informatics
Institution: University of Macedonia
Subject: Science of Information
Rights: Attribution - ShareAlike CC BY-SA

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