Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Service quality and customer satisfaction measurement is one of the most important issues concerning business organizations of all types, which is justified by the customer orientation philosophy and the main principles of continuous improvement of modern enterprises. The most important advantages of customer satisfaction measurement system are: • Business organizations may examine whether the provided services fulfill customer expectations. • Customer satisfaction provides an overall performance measure and a possible standard of excellence against competition for any business organization. • The critical satisfaction dimensions that should be improved are identified, as well as the ways through which this improvement may be achieved. • The personnel of the business organization is motivated to increase its productivity given that all improvement efforts, regarding the offered services, are evaluated by the customers themselves. The main purpose of the course is to present the modern service quality measurement systems and analyze the opportunities they offer in a modern competitive environment.


The main objectives of the course are: 1. Clearly define the problem of measuring service quality. 2. Present all alternative approaches to this topic. 3. Show in detail how to conduct and analyze the customer or employee satisfaction survey data. 4. Present specific real-world applications from the Greek and international business world. 5. Show the linkage between service quality measurement systems and other specialized areas (total quality management, sales, IT, etc.).


Principles of Management, Marketing, Data Analysis


Service quality and customer satisfaction (postgraduate course, spring semester), Introduction to service quality (principles and definitions), Methodology for applied Total Quality Management practices in services, Alternative methodological approaches (Servqual, Servperf, Oliver, Fornell and Kano models Structural equation models MUSA method), Customer value management, Quality awards and satisfaction barometers, Customer satisfaction surveys, Employee satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Advanced topics on service quality, Applications and studies.






Instructors: Evangelos Grigoroudis
Department: School of Production Engineering and Management
Institution: Technical University of Crete
Subject: Engineering Economics and Management

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