Agricultural and Greenhouse Constructions (Laboratory)

The aim of the lesson is to present, to inform and to educate students on issues related to agricultural and greenhouse constructions. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding in phenomena taking place in a greenhouse. So, the students can analyze these phenomena and then be able to calculate the necessary equipment which they can achieve the proper conditions inside the greenhouse.


Upon successful completion of this lesson the student : • has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of issues relating to a) design, organizing and constructing agricultural buildings and agricultural products storage. b) technologies and techniques related to greenhouses. • has the knowledge to supervise agricultural building and greenhouse constructions. • has the ability to gather and to interpret relevant data in order to formulate judgments that include reflection on relevant issues with renewable energy. • Is able to notify ideas and solutions to problems related to renewable energy at both specialist and non-specialist audience. • has developed those skills to learn in order to continue his/her study in high level in a particular subject.


You do not need prerequisite knowledge.


Exercise 1st : Physical quantities units. Exercise 2nd : Ground Tracing (Locating point, Line between two points, applications). Exercise 3rd : Ground Tracing (Vertical lines or right angles tracing). Exercise 4th : Measurements (Horizontal and vertical angles measurements, exercises). Exercise 5th : Measurements (altitude difference measurements, horizontal distance measurements). Exercise 6th : Surface measurements (Surface measurement in different geometric shapes, Exercises in the laboratory and in the field). Exercise 7th : Quantity estimation of the required masonry materials. Exercise 8th : Computation of heating requirements in Greenhouses I. Exercise 9th : Computation of heating requirements in Greenhouses II. Exercise 10th : Heating in Greenhouses. Exercise 11th : Natural ventilation in Greenhouses. Exercise 12th : Dynamic ventilation in Greenhouses. Exercise 13th : Cooling in Greenhouses. Exercise 14th : Load calculations and covering material dimensioning in Greenhouses.






Instructors: Menelaos Theoxaris, Dimitrios Kateris
Department: Agricultural Technology
Institution: TEI of Epirus
Subject: Other Agricultural Sciences
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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