Agricultural and Greenhouse Constructions (Theory)

The aim of the lesson is to present, to inform and to educate students on issues related to agricultural and greenhouse constructions. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding in phenomena taking place in a greenhouse. So, the students can analyze these phenomena and then be able to calculate the necessary equipment which they can achieve the proper conditions inside the greenhouse.


Upon successful completion of this lesson the student : • has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of issues relating to a) design, organizing and constructing agricultural buildings and agricultural products storage. b) technologies and techniques related to greenhouses. • has the knowledge to supervise agricultural building and greenhouse constructions. • has the ability to gather and to interpret relevant data in order to formulate judgments that include reflection on relevant issues with renewable energy. • Is able to notify ideas and solutions to problems related to renewable energy at both specialist and non-specialist audience. • has developed those skills to learn in order to continue his/her study in high level in a particular subject.


You do not need prerequisite knowledge.


Chapter 1. Agricultural buildings. (Generally - Types of farm buildings - Personal property buildings – different animal stables, Cooperatives buildings) Chapter 2. Agricultural products warehouse. (General use depots – grass depots – Fruit depots – Potato depots – Fresh vegetables storage - Crop Dryers) Chapter 3. Agricultural structures foundation. (Foundation soil - Soils Classification - Soils properties- Permissible load of soil foundations- Permitted soil trends - Foundation systems and forms- Direct foundation - Excavation for foundations - Materials and methods for foundation construction). Chapter 4. Stone constructions. Chapter 5. Artificial stone constructions. (Brickworks - Concrete block and kissiroplinthous constructions - Damage repair in walls - Causes of wall damage - Crack repair in walls) Chapter 6. Concrete constructions. (Concrete materials (cement - water - sand) – Steel in concrete – Concrete manufactureς – Different type of concretes – Heavy and light concretes – Weather and concrete - Concrete protection Chapter 7. Roofs. (Roof parts – construction materials – Roof loads – Type of roofs – Wooden roofs – Mixed roofs – Steel roofs – Roofs from armed concrete – Roof covers - Ceilings) Chapter 8: Introduction to greenhouse constructions. (Greenhouse constructions in world and in Greece) Chapter 9: Greenhouse construction types. (Spatial type greenhouses in our country (Macedonian type – Ierapetra type – Timpaki type – Filiatron type – Prevezas type) - Standard greenhouses (Greenhouse basic structural unit - Duo pitched roof greenhouse - Duo pitched roof single greenhouse - Duo pitched roof multispan greenhouse – Parabolic greenhouse – Single span parabolic greenhouse – Multispan parabolic greenhouse - modified parabolic greenhouse – Single modified parabolic greenhouse – Modified multispan parabolic greenhouse) - Dimensions of greenhouse component (Duo pitched roof greenhouses, single span or multispan – Parabolic greenhouses, single span or multispan - Modified parabolic greenhouses single span or multispan) Chapter 10: Greenhouse covering materials. (Glasses - Flexible plastic sheets - ΡΕ - PVC - Fiberglass sheets - Hard plastic surfaces - Reinforced Polyester – Polycarbonate surfaces (PC) – acrylic surfaces – Hard PVC - Cover materials with selective permeability to light - Economic overview of cover materials). Chapter 11: Types of materials used in Greenhouse constructions. (Wood – Steel – aluminum) Chapter 12: Greenhouse structures loadings according to Eurocodes. (Definitions and main classifications – Construction permanent loads - permanent imposed loads – Wind loads – Snow loads - Production loads – Vertical loads – Occasionally imposed loads - Seismic loads - Heat loads - coincidentally snow loads – Load combinations).






Instructors: Menelaos Theoxaris
Department: Agricultural Technology
Institution: TEI of Epirus
Subject: Other Agricultural Sciences
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