Biological Feedstocks of Organic Industries

The course presents and analyses the potential uses of renewable resources of plant and animal origin as feedstocks of the broader chemical industry. In particular, the course examines, on the one hand, all typical industrial applications of bioresources, such as the production of bioethanol, acetic acid, pulp and paper, cellophane and rayon, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, essential oils, etc. On the other hand, several modern applications are also presented, which are closely linked to environmental protection and sustainable development, such as the substitution of liquid fossil fuels by biofuels, and the production of biodegradable polymers, medical application products, chemical intermediates, natural colours, pest control substances etc. The students familiarize themselves with the utilization of the biological raw materials, as well as consider the constraints in the applications. Particular emphasis is given in the design of applications.


The main goal of this course is to familiarise students of the direction "Organic Industries - Polymers" with the possibility of using biological feedstocks, mainly from plants and animals in organic industry process lines. The restrictions and new perspectives are examined as well as the respective process design.


No pre-requisites are necessary.


A. Theoretical part/ Lectures Introduction in “Bio-economy” and “Bio-society” Potential estimation and evaluation Technologies for the exploitation of biological feedstocks Products – Integrated design B. Laboratory exercises Paper production Application of renewable dyes on paperpulp Value-added product production from solid waste of a citrus-treatment industry Thermal degradation of cellulose Glycine crystallization Green Chemistry: The chemical technology meets sustainable development Biodiesel production C. Group projects






Instructors: Emmanuel Koukios
Department: Chemical Engineering School
Institution: National Technical University of Athens
Subject: Other Sub-Discipline
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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