Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This is a new synthetic, modular course focussed on developing a comprehensive project that combines technology with entrepreneurship and aims to familiarize students with the whole cycle of the birth of a business concept that is based on the exploitation of an opportunity-, the feasibility study to assess viability and establishing the business unit to the first phase of implementation of the investment project, ie the business plan.


Students at the end of the course should: Understand the issues of innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in business endeavors design based on the use of knowledge and technology. Provide initial support to all those who intend to try to implement them in the real world of business. Work in teams and cooperate. Evaluate technical, financial and operational data to support and take decisions and organize their implementation.


There are no prerequisites.


1st week: Show options, Introduction to the subject-matter of the business plan 2nd week: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, opportunities, what is happening in Greece and Europe 3rd week: Sector information, business forms, Financing 4th week: Banking, financial analysis, software presentation Week 5: Business plan - Meaning, idea description, market analysis (supply, demand, prospects, competition), Lecture - Discussion with guest speaker from the business world 6th week: Working groups by coach, Business plan - Marketing - Strategy, Market segmentation, sales, promotion, pricing) 7th week: Working groups by coach, Business plan - Internal organization, production, organizational structure 8th week: Working groups with coach, Business plan, financial-economic analysis, SWOT, future prospects 9th week: 10-minute presentation of the work of the groups.






Instructors: Yannis, George Caloghirou, Mavrotas
Department: School of Chemical Engineering
Institution: National Technical University of Athens
Subject: Other Sub-Discipline
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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