Clinical Practice in Speech and Language Pathology – 4

In these courses students further informed theoretical and clinical issues on a variety of neurogenic communication disorders in adults and voice disorders. Specifically, students contact diagnostics, differential diagnosis, assessment and therapeutic rehabilitation of adults with aphasia, dysphagia, verbal apraxia, dysarthria and dysphonia. Students are prepared to implement early diagnosis assessment and tests and the development of appropriate therapeutic program for children and adults.


Applies early diagnostic assessments for communication disorders majorly in adults. Evaluate all communication and swallowing disorders in children-adult population. Hierarchy oflong- and short-term treatment goals. Develops and implements the appropriate treatment plan for the patient. Organizes and builds a therapy session. Systematically inform the patient's log that monitors in a clinical setting.


Non pre-requisite knowledge is needed.


Short theoretical presentation of neurogenic communication disorders. Implementation of diagnostic assessment to detect and evaluate disorders mentioned above. Presentation and creation of indicative activities and strategies appropriate to the treatment program for various clinical cases. Presentation of indicative clinical adult cases and organization of appropriate treatment program. Presentation of therapeutic rehabilitation methods of these disorders. General principles and therapeutic targets in these disorders. Monitoring cases with various speech & language disorders in clinical settings of Ioannina or the Clinic of the Department of Speech Therapy. Implementation of all the principles, objectives and strategies of diagnosis and treatment in clinical cases under the supervision of certified speech therapist/pathologists and from the faculty of the department.






Instructors: Dionysios Tafiadis, Konstantinos Drosos
Department: Speech Language Therapy
Institution: TEI of Epirus
Subject: Clinical Medicine
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

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