Human Resources Management

The course aims an introduction of the students to the concept and roles of HRM and to study all modern developments and trends in this area. It introduces the concept of international and comparative HRM and examines the similarities and differences in Europe - the European Union. It describes the concept of the Human Resources Management Strategy, which connects the IHL with the strategic choices of the organization and address the issue of internal and external alignment of IHL with the strategic objectives of the business.


Course objectives include to understand the strategic role of the management of human resources within an enterprise, the presentation of the individual functions of the management of human resources, with particular emphasis on structures and project teams (project structures and project teams) and finally the analysis of role D.A.P. and to explore the benefits and potential problems from it.


General knowledge.


i. Introductory remarks ii. Programming and attracting employees This section teaches the design process, analysis and description of jobs. iii. HR Recruitment It refers to the steps and methods that can be used during the selection process. iv. Education and human resource development This section analyzes the factors that compose the philosophy andtraining and development strategy of staff employed by a business. v. Human resources assessment This section deals with evaluating the performance of workers. Examine performance incentives and modern developmentculture of evaluation of professional skills. vi. Methods motivation of human resources We deal with the theoretical background, modern approaches andexemplary practices of policies and remuneration systems and incentivesand other benefits that may be offered to employees. vii. Health and safety of employees The aim is to provide adequate information to address risks and to implement the relevant legislation. viii. Business game The participating students / mation are invited to act as HR directors of a company, working in groups of 3-4 persons. During the game, the teams make decisions on overall strategy, individual administrative decisions marks of issues,financial data and specific business ethics incidents environment and others whose treatment may affect performance of the company. ix. Assignments presentations x. Review






Instructors: Georgios Ασπρίδης
Department: Business Administration Department
Institution: TEI of Thessaly
Subject: Economics and Business Administration
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