Transmission Lines: Homogeneous line equations. Parameters of homogeneous line. Transmission line attributes. Standing waves. Propagation constant and propagation velocity. Circuit analysis of transmission line. Characteristic and complex impedance of transmission line. Load matching in transmission line with quarter wave transformers, single or double stubs. Special type transmission lines, Graphical representation of reflection coefficient-Smith chart. Coupled transmission lines analysis. Balance and Non-Balanced transmission line. Crosstalk in long and short lines, Crosstalk in crossed lines and amplified lines. Line balancing. Transmission line types (two-wire, coaxial, stripline, slotline, coplanar lines) Waveguides Guided waves and guided modes. Separation of variables method. Wave equation solution. Field components. TEM, TE και ΤΜ modes. Parallel plates waveguide. Propagation condition. Rectangular and circular waveguide. Excitation of waveguides. Propagation velocity, characteristic impedance. Loss. Electromagnetic cavities. Dielectric waveguides. Fiber optics.


The objective of the course is introducing students into transmission lines analysis in microwave frequencies, into waveguides and printed lines analysis, and network analysis in microwaves After successful completion of the course, students should have acquired knowledge of / understand • Distributed circuits and Telegrapher equations describing the transmission line. • The concept of Characteristic impedance • Smith chart principles • Principles Analysis of waveguides • Printed transmission lines • Microwave Network Analysis


Electromagnetic Fields I, II, Differential and Integral Equations, Vector Calculus.


Transmission Lines Theory: Circuit analysis of transmission line. Electromagnetic analysis and distributed elements. Telegrapher’s equations. Lossless transmission line termination. Smith Chart. λ/4 transformer. Source and load matching. Lossy transmission lines. Transmission lines and Waveguides General solutions for TEM, TE και ΤΜ modes. Parallel plates waveguide. Rectangular and circular waveguide. Coaxial line. Striplines. Microstrips Microwave Network Analysis. Impedance and equivalent voltages and currents. Impedance and Admittance matrices. Scattering Matrix. Transmission (ABCD) matrix. Signal Flow graphs.






Instructors: Koulouridis Stavros
Department: Microwaves
Institution: University of Patras
Subject: Science in Electrical Engineering
Rights: CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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