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social sciences  subject

Communication Management

Georgios Aspridis - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course aims to present the basic concepts of business communication and its contribution to the strategic direction of a company or organization.

natural sciences subject

Software Engineering

Georgios Kakarontzas - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

The course includes topics of software analysis and design with UML. Moreover it covers software development methodologies such as Iconix, general responsibility assignment patterns to objects, design patterns and software architecture introductory elements.

social sciences  subject

Quality Management

Dimitrios Tselios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course deals with the meaning and definition of quality, cost of quality, quality control as well as with the known quality assurance systems. Moreover analyzed the steps to certification of EMS and by TQM.

natural sciences subject

Information Technology

Dimitra Avramouli - Undergraduate - (A+)
Wood and Furniture Design & Technology Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course aims to understand the students the operation of the computer and become familiar with communication systems and computer systems to learn and the various principles and concepts of computer science. Also to understand the function and to acquire skills on the use and processing of data in Office automation software applications (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations) and basic Internet functions.

social sciences  subject

Project Scheduling

Kleanthis Syrakoulis - Undergraduate - (A+)
Business Administration, TEI of Thessaly

The project is a set of activities that have to be completed following certain precedence relations and to produce pre-determined deliverables in a limited time frame. The main core of project time management consists of how to execute each one of the activities, how to estimate their duration and the (human and material) resources that needed for the execution, and how to manage the cash flow of the project. According to the above frame the course presents tools and techniques for planning, scheduling and monitoring the duration and the budget of the project. The course especially emphasizes on time scheduling.

social sciences  subject

Project Management Applications I

Dimitrios Tselios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration Department, TEI of Thessaly

Practical Application of methodologies and techniques of Project Management using specific Project Management software.

engineering subject

Mobile Communications

Georgios Karetsos - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department Of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

Initially dealt with the issues of propagation of electromagnetic waves and the modeling of the wireless channel for the mobile environment. They refer to both analytical and empirical propagation models. Appearances misfire small and large scale in mobile networks and their modeling are studied below. After presenting the basic principles of cellular telecommunications systems and design issues based on the volume of traffic and the degree of service. Then the course focuses on addressing issues of noise and interference. Multiple access mechanisms and management of wireless resources are discussed in the next section. Finally presented the basic building blocks and possibilities of mobile networks 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation and thoroughly studied the process of handover.

natural sciences subject

Embedded Systems

Nikolaos Petrellis - Undergraduate - (A+)
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

Architecture of Embedded Systems: specifications and design flow (hardware/software partitioning, co-simulation), System On-A Chip architectures, Microcontrollers and their peripherals (ARM-based), reconfigurable hardware (FPGAs), driver development using embedded-C and assembly.

natural sciences subject


Georgia Garani - Undergraduate - (A-)
Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

The course includes analytical approach and study of database (DB) systems and their practical use, and further familiarity with the subject, so as to deepen the student to concepts already taught in the introductory course Databases I and to learn new concepts and knowledge areas related to the subject. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to apply its knowledge to design a normalized DB and optimize its performance as well as to implement DBs in one of the major DB Management Systems, using SQL, security techniques and integrity constraints.

medicine science health professions subject

Nursing introduction

Evangelia Kotrotsiou - Undergraduate - (A-)
Nursing Department, TEI of Thessaly

Introduction to the science of mental health nursing and a detailed description of mental disorders.