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External trade activity management

Ioannis Antoniadis, Anastasios Alexandridis - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Business Administration (Kozani), TEI of Western Macedonia

In this course the importance of extroversion and exporting fir the development of a company is presented. The methodological tool “8 Steps to Exporting” is presented and anlysed and a short introduction to export procedures and processes is offered.

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Human resources management

Panagiotis Serdaris - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Business Administration ( Kozani ), TEI of Western Macedonia

The module deals with the basic human resources management approaches.

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GEORGIOS CHIOTIDIS - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Accounting and Finance, TEI of Western Macedonia

Introductory course of the main methods to determine a business value. Criteria, methods and analyzes are treated in relation to each particular case. The aim of the course is to understand basic concepts regarding the value and the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge for the proper methodology to be followed for the implementation of model from the different that are available, to determine the commercial value of a company, always bearing in mind the specific characteristics of and the reason for which is intended. Furthermore , reference is made for the interconnection of enterprise value with its strategic goals and highlights its importance as far as the effective company's operation in the long term.

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Corporate Strategy

Ioannis Antoniadis - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Business Administration (Kozani), TEI of Western Macedonia

Corporate Strategy is the most crucial element of any modern corporation and organization as it sets the direction and the goals that they should move. In this course the students are introduced with the meaning of strategy and its importance. The course focuses in the procedure of strategic decision making and the main strategies used by a corporation. Modern and contemporary issues of corporate strategy are examined with the use of case studies.

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Statistics I

GEORGE KONTEOS - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Business Administration (Grevena), TEI of Western Macedonia

Upon completion of the lectures the student will: 1.It has knowledge of the basic concepts of the theory of probability and statistics 2. Has knowledge of basic statistical measures of central tendency and dispersion 3. Has knowledge of the characteristics of the basic theoretical probability distributions 4. Understand the methodology for the collection, processing and presentation of statistical data 5 . Applies methods statistical inference (confidence intervals and statistical tests) 6. Apply the methodology of least squares (OLS)

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Themistokles Lazarides - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Business Administration (Grevena), TEI of Western Macedonia

Concept and characteristics of financial institutions, financial institutions and enterprises, business processes, organizational structure and structure, organization factor, organizing functions, functions of management, organization and management, human factors, project analysis, formation sections empowerment , reorganization.

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Leonidas Pouliopoulos - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Business Administration (Kozani), TEI of Western Macedonia


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Telecommunication systems / Laboratory

Ioannis Vandikas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Dept of Electrical Engineering, TEI of Western Macedonia

Fundamentals of communication systems. Spectral analysis. Model of a communication system with block diagrams. Technical wireless transmission. Technical analog modulation (AM & FM). Pulse modulation systems <sampling theorem, pulse amplitude modulation (PAM). Configurations: Pulse time PTM, pulse width PDM and PPM pulse position. Pulse Code Modulation PCM. Quantization signals, delta modulation, time division multiplexing. Telephone switching. Exchange timeslots. Telephone networks. Mobile networks, gsm. Digital Network Integrated ISDN services. G.M.S. Systems & G.P.S.

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English –Terminology

Stavroula Tavoultzidou - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Environment and Pollution Control Engineering TE, TEI of Western Macedonia

Foreign Language –Terninology of the 5th Semester deals with the definition and development of Environmental Geotechnology. Students are taught authentic texts in order to get familiar with discourse features, as concepts and lexis related to their specialty, as well as grammatical and syntactic structures found in terminology texts. Moreover, they practise their writing skills, writing CVs and letters necessary to meet their educational and professional needs.

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Nikolaos Poulakis - Undergraduate - (A-)
electrical engineering technology or applied engineering programs, TEI of Western Macedonia