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Surface Treatment - Finish Furniture

Konstantinos Kakavas - Undergraduate - (A-)
Wood Science and Furniture Technology Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course aims for the students to deepen their knowledge on the technology of coatings and the relationship of the coatings on wood and other materials. An additional goal is for them to develop their imagination for new wood finishing techniques.

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Nursing introduction

Evangelia Kotrotsiou - Undergraduate - (A-)
Nursing Department, TEI of Thessaly

Introduction to the science of mental health nursing and a detailed description of mental disorders.

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Software Engineering

Georgios Kakarontzas - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

The course includes topics of software analysis and design with UML. Moreover it covers software development methodologies such as Iconix, general responsibility assignment patterns to objects, design patterns and software architecture introductory elements.

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Project Management Applications I

Dimitrios Tselios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration Department, TEI of Thessaly

Practical Application of methodologies and techniques of Project Management using specific Project Management software.

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Τax Αccounting (VAT)

Papageorgiou Georgios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Accounting and Finance, TEI of Thessaly

The purpose of this course is for the students to know and understand the basic provisions of the law on Value Added Tax (VAT) as well as the obligations arising from the imposition in Greece.

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Food Microbiology I

Ioannis Giavasis - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Food Technology, TEI of Thessaly

The course covers the most important aspects of Food Microbiology, the description of the most prevalent genuses and species of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms, the causes, the consequences, and the preventive measures with regard to food spoilage and food poisoning (infection/intoxication).

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Computing in Education

Georgios Soultis - Undergraduate - (A-)
Dept of Electrical Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

• Pedagogical issues in teaching computing technologies in school. Computer Science based technologies and Life - Long Learning. Psycho-pedagogical theories and knowledge models. • How IT technology influences the teaching methods. Teaching methods using IT tools. Educational software and how to use the synchronous and asynchronous platforms for teaching. Finally, how to educate adults to IT.

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Quality Management

Dimitrios Tselios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course deals with the meaning and definition of quality, cost of quality, quality control as well as with the known quality assurance systems. Moreover analyzed the steps to certification of EMS and by TQM.

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Thomas Poulios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Business Administration, TEI of Thessaly

The concept "Electronic or e-Marketing" or online marketing or internet marketing in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), and particularly the Internet to promote the sale of goods or services. These technologies are an important supplement to traditional marketing techniques, regardless of size and business model of a company or organization. The basic principles of marketing remain unaffected and regarding the transmission of the appropriate message to the right people. Additionally, ICTs contribute to the available means of propulsion (such as advertising, direct mail, public relations, etc.) By adding new tools in marketing mix.

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Computer Programming

Ilias Savvas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

The course covers the C programming language and the algorithmic solving of simple problems and implementation in C.