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agricultural sciences subject

Technology and Quallity Control of Cereals and bakery products

Theofanis Georgopoulos - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Food technology, TEI of Thessaly

Description of the concept and evolution of science cereals by reference to the most important discoveries and the evolution of Science of Cereals. Products of flour, flour for special use, grinding technology. Raw materials pasta, semolina, drying, pasta qualities pasta. Types of bread, bread ingredients, staleness, fine pastries. Effect of fats and oils in the quality of baked products. Types of fats and oils. Mechanism of acrylamide during baking of pastries. Operating cereal products with vitamins, minerals, fiber, gluten-free, nutrition claims, health claims. Hygiene during kneading, shaping, baking, displaying for sale.

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Surface Treatment - Finish Furniture

Konstantinos Kakavas - Undergraduate - (A-)
Wood Science and Furniture Technology Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course aims for the students to deepen their knowledge on the technology of coatings and the relationship of the coatings on wood and other materials. An additional goal is for them to develop their imagination for new wood finishing techniques.

natural sciences subject

Software Engineering

Georgios Kakarontzas - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

The course includes topics of software analysis and design with UML. Moreover it covers software development methodologies such as Iconix, general responsibility assignment patterns to objects, design patterns and software architecture introductory elements.

medicine science health professions subject

Nursing introduction

Evangelia Kotrotsiou - Undergraduate - (A-)
Nursing Department, TEI of Thessaly

Introduction to the science of mental health nursing and a detailed description of mental disorders.

engineering subject

Mechanical Drawing II

Vasilios Iakovakis - Undergraduate - (A+)
Mechanical Engineering Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course covers the use of AutoCAD, the presentation of the most important machine elements and their drawing.

natural sciences subject

Information Technology

Dimitra Avramouli - Undergraduate - (A+)
Wood and Furniture Design & Technology Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course aims to understand the students the operation of the computer and become familiar with communication systems and computer systems to learn and the various principles and concepts of computer science. Also to understand the function and to acquire skills on the use and processing of data in Office automation software applications (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations) and basic Internet functions.

natural sciences subject

Algorithms and Complexity

Ilias Savvas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TEI of Thessaly

The course covers the algorithm theory and essentials of their computational complexity.

social sciences  subject

Quality Management

Dimitrios Tselios - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration Department, TEI of Thessaly

The course deals with the meaning and definition of quality, cost of quality, quality control as well as with the known quality assurance systems. Moreover analyzed the steps to certification of EMS and by TQM.

agricultural sciences subject

Irrigation Engineering

Panagiotis Vyrlas - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Agricultural Engineering Technologists, TEI of Thessaly

Irrigation Engineering

engineering subject


Ioannis Ntintakis - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Wood and Furniture Design, TEI of Thessaly

The course, students become familiar with the three-dimensional design custom logic of parametric modeling (parametric modeling) as well as in design with morphological features (Feature Base Modeling). The design platform used is the Autodesk Inventor Professional software. H design process is divided into object design (part) and assembly design (assembly). The individual components will be designed independently and then assembled in an independent file in order to create the final product. Also, the main purpose of the course is the creation of detailed construction drawings, detailed lists of individual material components and assemblies, and their management.