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Measurements systems / Laboratory

Ioannis Vandikas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Dept of Electrical Engineering, TEI of Western Macedonia

The laboratorial course includes laboratorial exercises on the principles, the operation and the organology of most important sensors, sensors of heat and light and is based on TK2942-001 of Feedback Instruments Ltd, UK

social sciences  subject

European Union

Simeon Karafolas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Accounting and Finance (Kozani), TEI of Western Macedonia

The evolution of the European Union, The European Union in the global economy The data of the Member States of the European Union, Institutions of the EU, Financial Organizations of the EU, Consultative bodies, the budget of the European Union, the development of financial relations between Greece E .E, Programs - funding frameworks for Greece

social sciences  subject


Ioannis Antoniadis - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Business Administration (Kozani), TEI of Western Macedonia

Internet has become a great opportunity for SMEs to develop their activities, and approach new customers. Beyond e-commerce platforms, and corporate websites, social networking sites offer new fields for the development of innovative marketing strategies. This course aims in developing the abilities of students in apprehending the influence that internet, and ITC have in B2C and B2B markets and the marketing strategies of a firm.

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Terminology – Foreign language

Stavroula Tavoultzidou - Undergraduate - (A-)

Foreign Language –Terminology of the 4th Semester deals with the teaching of authentic scientific texts concerning Pollution, types of Pollution, Controlling Pollution. Therefore, students get familiar with discourse features, as concepts and lexis related to their specialty, as well as grammatical and syntactic structures found in terminology texts. Moreover, they practise their writing skills, writing CVs and letters, necessary to meet their educational and professional needs.

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Androniki Katarachia - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Accounting and Finance, TEI of Western Macedonia

The course aims to give students the opportunity to understand the concept of leadership and its difference from management within an international scope in order to develop knowledge and skills in effective leadership. The course through the systemic approach to leadership focuses on and analyzes major issues such as the concept of leadership and its relationship with management, the different theories and models of leadership. Also, the course discusses issues such as the power of influence and control, charismatic leadership and therole of leadership in the change management, organizational learning and decision making.

engineering subject

English for industrial design

Agapi Altini - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering TE, TEI of Western Macedonia

Authentic ESP texts with specialized lexical, grammatical and discourse elements with a view to enhancing students’ comprehension of Industrial Design topics, and, therefore, develop linguistic skills necessary for: a) students’ participation in postgraduate courses and various European programmes (e.g. Erasmus programme etc.), and b) future professional career. Students are exposed to a collection of Industrial Design-related texts focusing on content rather than grammar, and they practise their skills via CALL-based exercises in the language laboratory.

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Information (Computing) Systems

EVANGELOS SAPRIKIS - Undergraduate - (A-)
Business Administration, Grevena, TEI of Western Macedonia

The module deals with the basic approaches of office automation. Specifically, the student learns Microsoft Excel functions and the following tools; probability analysis, scenarios, target analysis and pivot tables. Additionally, he/ she learns the Visual Basic for Applications programming language in order to be able to adopt it to the office automations systems.

social sciences  subject

Business Plan

Simeon Karafolas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Accounting and Finance Kozani, TEI of Western Macedonia

The course examines the creation of a business plan. Based on what is recorded in principle the structure and organization of the firm. Record the goals and company policies. Record the analysis and understanding of the market, consumers, competition thereby demonstrating the ability to achieve objectives. Record the resulting financial analysis of revenue and expenditure, cost and financing of the investment. The preparation of a business plan is essential as it gives a clear picture of the market, competitors and customers. Shows weaknesses, strengths and objectives of the company and is the basis with which to compare the realized results and in general, the course of business. With the business plan the candidates financiers and investors can form an opinion about how feasible and profitable is a proposed business idea or investment but also how capable is the company's management to implement it successfully.

social sciences  subject

Organizational Behavior

Panagiotis Serdaris - Undergraduate - (A-)
Department of Business Administration ( Kozani ), TEI of Western Macedonia

The Organizational Behavior is multidimensional and dynamic evolving concept. The business size, the complexity of the problems, the complexity of human relations create new requirements, which are pushing for the investigation of the behavior of knowledge in the field of organizations. There is a need to solve more complex problems in modern business organization with systematized ideas and knowledge that can solve the various issues they face. Organizational behavior is the most important piece for a modern company and organization as well as sets the guidelines and objectives to which it will move. In this course, students come into contact with the concept of organizational behavior and its importance for a business - organization. Our interest will be focused on organizing the business process but also in prestige ways used by the company. Finally we mention in modern organizational behavior issues such as motivation, with the help of examples and case studies (case studies).

social sciences  subject

Business strategy (Financing SMEs)

Simeon Karafolas - Undergraduate - (A+)
Department of Accounting and Finance (Kozani), TEI of Western Macedonia

Examination of financing strategies of SMEs other than bank financing. In particular, microcredits, crowd funding, funding through angels and venture capital, mixed funding (public and private), funding copyrights, guarantee loans.